Monday, November 23, 2009

28 Neutral Palette

The Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette is probably old news to most make up lovers. But I thought I would say a few words either way to those of you who might not know a lot about the palette or if you just didn`t have anything better to do.

This palette contains a mixture of matte and shimmery colors.

You can easily concoct everything from a neutral everyday look for school or work to a smokey night-time look for going out in the evening.

All the colors are very pigmented and very easy to blend. They feel almost like silk which makes me want to use the palette all the time.

If you buy it from Coastal Scent`s website, (i`m sure you can find a similar palette on Ebay too) it will cost you $18.95 which is a pretty good price for this product. It`s dead cheap actually!
As a bonus, they usually have a discount code you can use to get a percentage off of the total cost.

Of course this product won`t be the best quality in the world, but it is a very good product to use for someone who are just getting started doing make-up because you get a lot of different eye shadows for just a few bucks.

If you are thinking about buying this palette, but you`re not quite convinced yet, there are lots and lots of reviews on the Coastal Scents website and even on Youtube.

The 88 warm palette is also a good palette. One of my favorite make-up items in fact. It can also be bought at the same place, here!
With the warm palette you get slightly more choice with color and quantity.

You could make beautiful looks with this palette, like this fall/autumn inspired smokey eye look for instance:)

There is only one negative thing I have to say that goes for both of these palettes. And that is that I find the shimmery colors to be a bit too fragile and they seem to crumble easily when dipping the brush in the eye shadows.

But to end this on a god note, I love the colors and the quality and feel of the product is surprisingly good for the cost of it!

Bye for now!

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